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Shell / Ferrari - Red Campus Videos & AR - Videos

A body of work comissioned by Imagination for Shell and Ferraris technical partnership exhibit at Ferraris Red Campus in Modena. A series of animations were produced from supplied storyboards explaining how the companies work together to produce cleaner, greener fuel - from extraction through processing and storage to refining and testing. They were displayed on touch-screen tables within a navigation also created by Imagination. An animated mockup of the Augmented Reality piece was also built for the exhibiton.

The Red Campus project won a 2010 British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) in the Content category.

Production: Zoe Philpott, Liberty Dakin
Art direction: Jiri Bures, Jeremy Mac Lynn
Design: George Schon, Nick Payne-Cook
3d, animation, compositing: Mark Hough

© Mark Hough / respective clients