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Dynamo - Seeing Is Believing Live - Projection Mapping

Well, this one was different! Dynamo needed pieces to suit and augment the theme or atmosphere of each trick. We created projection maps and video content for the front wall, proscenium, rear gauze and various led screens.

A mixture of styles were used to help move the audience through wonder, excitement and awe; from high energy colourful beat-driven visuals at the start and infographic overlaod of the Criticism / Matrix intro to more hushed close-up card routines with low-key brick walls and the ornate colour-shifting classical theatre that framed the audience participants for the second act's Connections section.
Client: Treatment
Visuals Director: Mark Hough
Intro Director: Sam Pattinson
Intro Movie: Blue Zoo
Animation: Mark Hough, Gareth Blayney, Chris Shone


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